We can do…

We can do in-house 3D Printing, Debinding and Sintering processes to deliver the final components:

  • Metals
  • Ceramics

We can also support in the CAD design, according to the technology requirements


Blesol staff is always keen on partnering and long-term cooperation in projects involving PIM&3D advanced technologies.

Our innovative consultancy services cover from the material and mould development to the advice on of PIM technology implementation or the 3D printing strategy. Thanks to our broad experience throughout the whole PIM process, we can manage new challenges to reach new designs and applications, developing the complementary 3D printing strategy with highly-filled ceramic and metallic filaments. Setting up new PIM or 3D printing systems are in our services scope. According to your needs, Blesol guarantees the best possible material for your specific requirements, improves the PIM prototyping and provides advice for the mould construction. Moreover, we support during the mass production transition and help with our consultancy services in the finalization of the industrial production line.


Blesol is a high quality and consistent feedstock manufacturer for Powder Injection Moulding (PIM).

Blesol has its own research laboratory for developing customized compounds and to validate the debinding and sintering process, as well as the final properties of the metal or ceramic part, to select the most suitable equipment, composition and procedure.