About Us



Blesol Tech founded in 2020 is a spin-off in the powder metallurgy sector, specialising in PIM manufacturing. We provide high quality raw materials and filaments to our customers, standing out for our ability to adapt mixtures according to the specific needs of each customer. Our knowledge in the field allows them to offer customised and optimised solutions.



It is based on driving innovation, delivering quality products and adapting to changing market needs. We work hard to build a bright future for both our company and our customers, setting new standards and leading the way in our industry.



Through continuous improvement, creativity and the delivery of high quality solutions, we aspire to be recognised as a benchmark in the industry and to contribute to technological and economic advancement in our sector.

Blesol is a technological-based company stablished in Ciudad Real, Spain

The promoters are well-recognized for an industrial R&D career focused on injectable mixtures formulation, binder design and materials processing technologies, leading the first pilot plant for PIM manufacturing in Spain. After developing different formulations for MIM and CIM in the latest 10 years, Blesol has started commercial production of high quality, ready-to-use feedstocks. The company is specialized in feedstock production and supply, not only providing widespread PIM materials for the most popular applications, but also on-demand products for specialized applications according to customer specifications. Moreover, production has expanded to include highly-filled filaments, which are capable of the production of 3D printed parts in conventional and cost-competitive printers and are also available within a broad range of metals and ceramics.  The green printed parts can undergo similar post-treatments than green PIM parts to reach the final metal or ceramic component.

Blesol we create metallic and ceramic feedstocks based on different debinding systems

Our portfolio includes stainless steels, tool steels, low alloy steels, superalloys, cobalt alloys, zirconia, alumina, steatites, cordierites and porcelains. At Blesol we create metallic and ceramic feedstocks based on different debinding systems: the catalytic system, the water-thermal system, the solvent-thermal system and the one-step thermal system.

Our mission statement is to expand the availability of PIM feedstocks suppliers in the market and to serve our customers in advanced manufacturing (PIM&3D) by offering superior quality products and services, with continuously upgrading technology, keeping cutting-edge facilities and equipment and recruiting a well-qualified staff.

The city of Ciudad Real has a fast-train connection in 50 min to Madrid centre and is 2h driving to Barajas Airport

Its senior staff members have been active in the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) and the Comité Español de Pulvimetalurgia (CEP-EPMA) associations, organizing conferences (VI National Conference in Powder Metallurgy and I Iberoamerican Conference in Powder Metallurgy), training workshops for the powder metallurgy community (EPMA Summer School) and regularly participates in different events organized by PIM-related companies (e.g. Arburg), the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) or the EuroPM and WorldPM conferences.